About Jason

Jason has an incredible life journey that has taken him across the world many times. Jason was able to experience many different cultures, religious beliefs and even war as a former Army sergeant and Iraq War combat veteran. The struggles of life around the world are very similar yet lived out so differently. Nearly every nation in this world has been affected by the powers that be, from human trafficking to banking slavery and even political coup d'etat's and outright governmental tyranny on its own people. 


Jason has been highly focused on his mission to help others be awakened to and live in their freedom with fortitude to live out their God-given purposes. This focus has taken him through transforming his work in the military and construction industry to life coaching and being a natural wellness advocate helping others overcome trauma and PTSD. After coaching thousands to overcome trauma Jason paused to reflect on how to improve and grow his service to reach even more people. 


Jason began researching deeper to get to the core of where people hurt and how people thrive. The overwhelming data on human on human violence and crime shows a different world than what we grow up seeing and believing. This led Jason to his own awakening where his faith in Jesus expanded deeper and wider, where the evil darkness is discovered to be darken than anyone could imagine and where freedom and liberty of all people has been hijacked by those who seek a dark power to control entire nations and even the entire globe.


This awakening Jason experienced allowed him to discover an entirely different truth which shifted his entire paradigm. His research uncovered truths that have been missed by so many since the times of the Apostle Paul in the New Testament of the Bible. 

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Jason's Background 


Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)  

      Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity

B.S. - Business Administration in Entrepreneurship

      Liberty University


Certified Professional Coach (CPC) 

      Coach Training World, an IFC accredited coaching program


Biblical teachings & perspective on awakening, faith & life as well as healing trauma & PTSD naturally the way God designed.

Focus on coaching & teaching on awakening, faith & life

Jason's programs focus on naturally healing trauma & PTSD as well as exploring faith topics that expose the darkness in this world through revealing truths with Biblical studies & teachings to capture a clear picture of all that God has done for each person throughout humanity's history, present & future.

Who I Help

In essence Jason's work can bless anyone that seeks restoration & healing as well as awakening to the dark reality that exists in the world today by exploring God's simple truths that are designed for all of humanity.

How I Do It

Join this site as a member to gain access to Jason's free teachings or to purchase one of his programs available right here on this site which will walk each person through simple truths for everyone.

What's in It for You

Awakening to the truth allows a person to become more aware which fosters making the best decisions for their higher, God-given purposes and helps move them in that direction. This occurs through healing from the past, to focus on the present and to prepare for a better future.

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