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Order your bundle today for 1 of each of Jason's resources; Fortitude, Journal to Freedom, The Miracle of Essential Oils, a 25 pack brochures, and a USB drive of the Trauma to Freedom Symposium Master Class all for just $197 plus shipping! This is a $275 retail value so take advantage of this amazing price while supplies last!


Books & Brochures

Order your copies of Jason's popular books Fortitude, Rising Out of the Trenches of Trauma and The Miracle of Essential Oils.

Fortitude, Rising Out of the Trenches of Trauma is Jason's newest book with his wife Stephani La'Nette where they share their full story of love, war, pain and trauma, to healing and restoration and living in freedom! Learn how you too can walk in freedom and thrive with fortitude in your purpose! $14.95


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Journal to Freedom, your personal daily journal to track your wellness goals. This quarterly journal is the best tool to truly track your progress, in your own words as you journal each day. Order your journal today for $26.95.

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Life Beyond Trauma with Essential Oils brochure comes in a pack of 25 for just $12.95. Use this simple tri-fold brochure to share how essential oils can overcome the affects of traumatic experiences.


Pre-recorded Coaching




This program will offer you the knowledge, skills and tools to overcome the pains and struggles from past traumas, empowering you to live your life to your fullest potential with confidence, fulfillment, joy. peace and confidence!

This symposium has 12 sessions and 3 additional free videos from Jason's wife La'Nette recorded and shared in previous Trauma to Freedom events. These videos will add another perspective on healing trauma.


All 9.5 hours of video presentations are uploaded onto a USB memory drive so you can watch/listen anytime, anywhere! Order your USB drive for just $197!




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Essential oils (EOs) have played a major role during Jason's healing from the ravages of war trauma. Since it's imperative to use only the highest quality oils to assure 100% efficacy, he recommends using Young Living Essential Oils due to their commitment to purity and sustainability.






Let’s face it - I wouldn’t be here if my coaching didn't positively impact lives! I thrive on seeing results in those that I coach or who purchase my coaching resources. YOU are MY PURPOSE! Your FREEDOM is my GOAL! So let's take a look at some amazing testimonies from previous clients:

  • This event has helped me see that there is a way out from under the burden of pain from my traumatic situations. Hearing others share and reach out for help also helped me realize I am not alone and it is okay to struggle. But now I have been equipped with the tools to use to put this trauma behind me and gain my identity that God wants for me. I have to want this freedom and I do so I am beginning to work towards that goal. And I believe I Will MAKE IT BECAUSE I DESERVE IT!! - Susie M.
  • Everyone has experienced trauma on some level. If you don’t believe that you have, then you know somebody who has. This event is a great message. Share it. - Donna G.
  • This webinar taught me so much. The one thing that stuck with me was that I was not alone, and this is a real struggle daily, the tools given in this webinar allows you to personalize it for yourself. Jason Sapp you are an amazing man, helping so many find Freedom!! GREAT JOB!! - Michelle S.
  • This event helped me get to root of the trauma. It showed me how to handle the various (body signals) and use oils properly to aid me. I look forward to walking towards freedom and becoming a new me. This event made see the realities of trauma and its lasting effects. - Mark G.
  • Very informative and beneficial event. Jason not only shares his own story with openness, honesty, and transparency, but equips you with the tools to understand trauma, triggers and the hold it can have on you; equipping you with the tools to fully be able to move forward. The tools and techniques that he shares are very practical and the oils lesson is very eye opening. You will learn how to move forward and envision a life where you are free to be you. Highly recommend! - Sylvia G.
  • I liked understanding about second hand problems that occur and why as well as information that I can use to help others with these problems. - Ann G
  • Helped me understand why I react the way I do to certain things and how to best release the trauma in my life. - Jo J.
  • Not only was Trauma to Freedom run professionally, but Jason's approach to such an intense, vulnerable topic was compassionate, confident, informative, and encouraging. He has a clear passion for equipping others to walk in freedom, and I was very impressed by his active listening, validation of the intense situations participants have experienced, and commitment to making himself available for guidance. - Amanda M.
  • I was blaming all of my shakes on the war and VA diagnosed me with. Learned arguing every night of parents, First Aid experience, ex-Wife mental issues and more all could have added in. This class teaches how to go beyond this and get a life worth living again. This class is for all not just if you think you have a problem.
  • This event was awesome! When just breaking the surface of facing your trauma it is a lot more comfortable to be in your own home without facing someone eye to eye. And having access to the videos to re-watch and take notes is ideal as well. There is a perfect amount of personal experience and professional outlook to make it very relatable yet credible. We will definitely be attending future events as we work through our trauma. Thank you, Jason and La'Nette for being transparent, thoughtful and genuine while putting this event together! - Chelsi B.
  • I would love to see it in person also, but the online worked out well with my busy hectic schedule. I am truly blessed by this event. You helped me realize the trauma that I have experienced in my life by a parent & 2 spouses (third time was the charm) lol. I was able to release the guilt of failure & unworthy thru some of the things that you shared. I have also grown closer to God, realizing that my first priority is to honor Him in all things. Thank you so very much for all that you shared during this event. I have a better understanding of ptsd to try to embrace what my son, Josh is experiencing & I pray that with God's help, he can begin a new & happier journey in his life. Many blessings to you! - Crystal E.
  • This is the first time in 20+ years that I actually feel hopeful that I can break through old habits and triggers and work towards being in a better place. My past is messy and I thought I would be stuck here for life. I’m so thankful to know that I am in a direction that is more positive and healthy. I am beyond thankful, more than I could express in words. Jason is an amazing speaker, so real and relatable. - Shannon T.
  • I am a six-year US Marine Corps veteran. Did a lot of things from being an infantryman to jumping out of perfectly good aircraft. On Oct. 23, 1983 I lost my very best friend to a terrorist bomber in Beirut, Lebanon. I have battled with PTS for over 30 years. I have dealt with survivor’s guilt, depression, alcoholism, attempted suicide, failed marriages. All of these things have taken their toll on me in one way or another over time, including losing my way in my faith. I have tried a lot of different things to free myself from my battles including going to the VA. At 59 years old seeing the toll it is and has taken on my family it is time to search out my freedom from my demon's and try to salvage what I can of my life. Now I finally have some real hope in finding this freedom. - Scott T.
  • This event helped me understand how trauma affects our lives in so many ways. I highly recommend it! - Rosa M.
  • I have printed out your two pdfs and placed them in a binder folder for my veteran ex-boyfriend to share with his veteran buddies to offer help to them. - Janie C.
  • I feel I have more tools now to be able to come alongside someone and help steer them toward the freedom that they very much deserve! - Ann E.
  • The information Jason presents about PTSD and how it affects the brain is invaluable. Every person with loved ones affected by PTSD, or in a supportive role NEEDS to have this course. If you, yourself are affected with PTSD or any type of trauma, do yourself a favor, and take this course to help you understand that you are not alone, there is nothing "wrong" with you, and there is freedom on the other side of this healing journey. These oils are miracles in a bottle, and we must share this with as many people as possible, so we can bring peace to those suffering. It amazes me just how powerful these Young Living Essential Oils are.... I tell everyone I can...invest in your health, for less than $200 you could have your freedom back. It's hard to believe that could be true, but it is...and with your testimonial Jason we can share this with the world. - Debbie P.
  • Amazing event! “Accept Where We Are Because Of Where We’ve Been” ... Jason gives a complete explanation of how to get from Trauma to Freedom. A true testimonial title. In a language we all understand. He has shown love, patience, compassion, understanding in his professional presented applications on the subject of trauma. He shares his story as well as listens caringly to our stories. This event is an in-depth look into each individual & their trauma. With the answers & explanations we need in order to hit that road to healing. - Barbara C.
  • I think this was very beneficial for those dealing with trauma from past experiences. - Dinah Y.
  • This event has helped me to incorporate talking about trauma in my basic 101 classes. On the wake of Katrina's anniversary this is the time I suffer greatly. You have showed me that triggers can happen at any time by anything, so no more guessing. I am one that has to have a reason for everything and the grey areas have been hard for me to accept. Katrina is over, so should my trauma. Right? or that's what I use to think. I realized through your class that is not so and it made sense to me as to why. You also provided for me a confidence in dealing with trauma and to not feel bad about my personal trauma. You and your wife's experiences have provided that "real" life connection and that always helps the learning process. People who have suffered trauma and for those who think they don't need help with trauma need to go to your event, everyone can benefit on how you can help alleviate the symptoms of trauma with oils and possibly save someone from taking their own life. - Michelle W.
  • This event gave me hope. I am a new Young Living Member. I knew I could change my life with these oils, but I had no idea of the impact thy could have on Trauma. If lost my Whole entire life due to Trauma, medications don't work for me. Finally, there is hope after 10 years of being hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and attempts I have something to hope for, to try, to believe in. If it can help me, I'm sure it could bring hope to others who had become hopeless and needed something to believe in. - Cathi B.
  • I truly enjoyed this event and learned tons of information that I plan on sharing with 2 groups in which all have some form of trauma in their lives.
  • This event was very informative and eye-opening for me. I really enjoyed Jason's story and gained a different perspective on PTSD and how to deal with it in my own life and in the life of those I love. I initially joined to learn to help others but discovered some areas of trauma that I had suppressed in my own life that I need to deal with.
  • Realizing this was more for me than others. I have much healing to be done. My past is affecting me more than I realized. I want things turned back on that have been off for decades.
  • I've worked through a lot of trauma previously but have felt my issues were not "finished." Jason's event gave me solid principles, concise steps to take and great info on essential oils. Already, I can feel shifting inside, helping me to understand myself better and resolve my hurts. - Debbie S.
  • This event taught me that freedom from trauma is available to all of us. No matter how deep these triggers/emotions run, if you are ready to acknowledge, work through and release them, this event walks you through the process and to the door of freedom.
  • Jason Sapp presented an amazing event! Because of his past trauma and his journey to emotional freedom, he has developed a compassion for others. He has had such victory in his emotional and spiritual life that he is compelled to share how everyone can obtain this abundant life in Christ and freedom from trauma. You don't have to remain trapped in the cycle of negative emotions while drowning in the burdens of the past. Life can be filled with a renewed purpose and passion. Thank you Jason! - Robin L.
  • It helped to keep me motivated to keep working on my marriage with my struggling veteran husband. I want to help other military families who are also struggling with trauma. It helps me to be more patient with my spouse and his healing. And the oils empower our whole family to move beyond the trauma. - Kristin V.
  • Hearing Jason and La'Nette's messages is inspirational. HEARING his message gives such hope and promise that the person listening can actually achieve the same freedom. Taking this online event has started me on this amazing journey, has given me the belief and the hope that there is honestly and truly freedom on the other side for me. By just listening to 4 presentations I have found the ability to realize "why" I respond as I do, and to begin to learn a new way to so. I have such peace within, just by having the promise of this freedom, that the work and effort ahead of me during this journey no longer has the power to hold me back. I don't know who she is yet, but I am going to find the Colleen whom God intended me to be, and this event gave me the place to start that search. From the bottom of my heart, Thank-you Jason and La'Nette for sharing this with the world. - Colleen S.
  • After 26 years of struggle and searching for answers within books, support groups, and counselors the information presented in this event is my first actual step to healing. It is absolutely priceless.
  • Because of this class I am more aware of the trauma that I went through as a child and now realize that this could have been passed down to my daughter through my DNA and be a piece to her trauma that she is experiencing. The information given in this class has been huge for me at understanding a little better what my daughter might be going through with her trauma and even more committed to using essential oils on her daily to support her journey to freedom. So thankful for the care the Jason gives in this class and how purposeful he is to answer any questions and support all of us. - Crystal R.
  • This Trauma event class would help everyone in their life’s journey. I believe God put Jason here to help each of us, so we are better able to help others! God bless to all who does take this class! - Lyric M.
  • After 26 years of struggle and searching for answers within books, support groups, and counselors the information presented in this event is my first actual step to healing. It is absolutely priceless.
  • Trauma to Freedom was packed with inspiration, information, and hope! I loved the online format for the view-on-demand convenience and note taking/review. I would also love to attend an in-person event. I highly recommend it to all veterans and their families! - Mary M.
  • I signed up for the subject matter to help others and immediately saw how it could help me personally. I highly recommend that you take this training which may be able to help you first, so you can help others. The inclusion of all types of trauma made it clear of how pervasive trauma is in the world and how almost everyone has experienced some kind of trauma. Be informed! Be Empowered! Be Free! - Bonita S.
  • Trauma to Freedom is definitely an eye-opening event that helped me to understand from where my trauma began! I feel as if I still have a very long journey of healing ahead of me. - Amy D.
  • This event gives some amazing insight into the different types of traumas and how they can affect our lives and how we can be free of them! Even if you think you do not have any traumatic events in your life, I highly recommend you attend this event. I found that there are many traumas in my own life that I need to work through. I am looking forward to my Freedom!
  • This event is AMAZING!!! When dealing with emotional trauma it is (in my opinion) essential to get help and instruction from someone who has a personal experience. Jason & La'Nette offers just that with such transparency, which is also very important. Whether you are just beginning your journey to freedom or if you've been on the path for a long time like me, there is something for everyone regardless of your hurts and hang ups. I learned that I was looking at my situation in all the wrong ways, so I was always setting myself up for failure. Thankfully to know better is to do better! I give the event a huge thumbs up 👍🏻. - Greta H.
  • Knowledge is power, and this class gave me a wealth of knowledge that I will be able to apply to help myself and my children. Understanding how the body deals with trauma is huge!! I already have most of the feelings kit oils and we are going to be using them. Thank you so much for this. - Johanna B.
  • This event helped me understand Trauma in a way I had never thought about. There were so many points that I had missed on my journey to freedom from my personal trauma(s), I feel like all the information was well presented and a good explanation was presented of the tools I can use to help me on this healing journey! Very empowering, inspiring and encouraging! I’m thankful for This event and I’m looking forward to full Freedom! God Bless you and thank you Jason Sapp for your willingness to share your story with us and your knowledge! - Sherry G.
  • Jason has a great deal to share with all of us. Trauma or not we all know someone who would benefit from his teaching!! - Diana S.
  • Second hand PTSD a very real thing. - Tracey M.
  • This was an amazing event. It gave you so much information and tools to help you take hold of your healing and be responsible with your life. It gives people hope for a life fulfilled with purpose and direction for a better life. All will greatly benefit from attending this event. - Rebecca S.
  • I have seen an amazingly positive transformation in my teenager! With all the traumatic situations we have gone through as a family he was not processing things well, instead they started becoming a poison in his heart. After allowing him to watch some of the Trauma to Freedom presentations, talking to him about how he's hurting others and explaining the oils to him (and our whole family using them with him) he is back to the loving, kind-hearted, young man I raised. We have only been on this journey for a week -- we still have the whole road ahead of us and we are all looking forward to being who God has created us to be in our full potential! During the course Jason did with us I experienced a traumatic situation and with the tools he gave us I was able to move forward quickly without letting it fester. No matter the trauma you have suffered, this training is an amazing tool that will help you and others work through things that are suppressed without the need to re-live the situations while moving on through them! This is life changing and well worth YOUR Freedom! - Cristy B.
  • This event helped me to understand trauma in a whole new light. To know that trauma can be passed down through genetics and through generations was very enlightening and explains a lot about the struggles I and others I know are dealing with. - Marg L.
  • This has given me greater insight to some of the behaviors of my husband and has helped me understand where I have become locked in some secondary trauma from daily life with someone with years of unresolved trauma. I have renewed hope for the healing of my marriage. - Kelly M.
  • It was a nice balance of information and personal testimony. Your emphasis on the importance of your faith in your healing journey is refreshing. I was able to connect some of my roadblocks to trauma I hadn't considered to be trauma before now. Excellent program!! Thank you!
  • I desperately needed the guidance and tools to deal with the trauma I was raised with in a Christian home and a sibling adding to the trauma as an adult. - Ruth Ann
  • The information in this presentation is extremely beneficial for everyone, not just for those with PTSD or Trauma related issues. Every human being has suppressed feelings and emotions just waiting to be released. Most of the time we have no idea they are there. It is a blessing knowing that there is a reason for the things I do and the way I behave and an even greater blessing knowing that I can deal with these issues to create a better version of myself. - D. Scott
  • The Trauma to Freedom online event has helped me acknowledge the trauma I have experienced and accept that God has given me the tools and power to live in freedom and that He has given me a voice that He desires to use. "There is power in your parables". - Lydia B.
  • I very, very much appreciate that you kept God first and foremost throughout your teaching. Essential oils are wonderful, but all credit is due to the Lord who created them. I'll be transparent here, many times in attending various "emotions/EO" classes, I find too much emphasis being given to the creation, and not the Creator. Most is too "self-help" and all my help comes from the Lord. I am extremely thankful for His gift of oils, but proper respect should be given. Thank you, Jason, for keeping God first in your teachings.

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