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Trauma & PTS


Traumatic experiences often lead to unhealthy lifestyle habits which oftentimes traps us into repetitive behaviors which solidify the new found beliefs of your trauma.

Trauma often turns into PTS or post-traumatic stress. I do not believe that PTS should have a "D" for disorder at the end. It's not a disorder as if an organ in our body is diseased. We've survived trauma, therefore it is post-traumatic stress and its symptoms can range from anxiety, panic attacks, flashbacks, triggers that lead to anxiety, withdrawal from relationships and so much more! PTS isn't easily diagnosed as we all respond to it slightly differently. Individually our symptoms may very well be different from the next trauma survivor, yet both have PTS. 

I have created a powerful coaching tool to equip others to create a path and achieve healing and freedom from the past which produces peace, joy and the ability to feel fulfilled in life in a deeper way! Discover personal growth like you've never experienced before!


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