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Do you seek growth & wholeness in one of these areas?


Get Jason's personalized coaching in any of the key areas of life from family & marriage, business strategies and many other topics that you choose. Jason offers hourly rates as well as packages which are geared towards you achieving specific goals.

Jason also offers trauma & PTS (post-traumatic stress) coaching to empower healing and achieve PTG (post-traumtic growth)

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True freedom requires physical, emotional & spiritual wellness.

Striving for your physical health goals is great, but if you're neglecting your emotional and spiritual wellbeing you won't achieve the freedom you seek.

Freedom Achievers is currently my Facebook page and group where like minded freedom loving, natural wellness tree hugging people like you and me can support each other, pray for each other and so much more!


Jason has been guest speaker and keynote speaker at many wellness events across the country and can speak on several topics

No matter if your event is in person or virtually, Jason can bring powerful messages and teaches on several topics that inspire others! 

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Certified Professional Life Coach

Retired Army Sergeant & Iraq Combat Veteran

As a combat veteran that battled PTS (post-traumtic stress) for a better part of a decade after the war I have fought and crawled out of the darkest days of my life and found healing, restoration and a life with peace & joy again. 

I have authored 2 books on helping others overcome trauma and PTS naturally and I have found that one of the difficult tasks in rebuilding ones life is finding the starting point.

Over the years I have learned that our emotional well being is directly connected to our physical health & well being. I have found the most success in my trauma coaching comes when what is put in the body (food, drink, supplements, minerals, sleep...) is the starting point. Once our cells function properly, healing the heart (emotions) & mind (beliefs) becomes simpler.



"Not only was Trauma to Freedom run professionally, but Jason's approach to such an intense, vulnerable topic was compassionate, confident, informative, and encouraging. He has a clear passion for equipping others to walk in freedom, and I was very impressed by his active listening, validation of the intense situations participants have experienced, and commitment to making himself available for guidance."

Amanda M.

Trauma to Freedom Symposium Attendee