Maybe it is time to change the lens that you view the world through. 

Transform your reality by awakening to the truths you may not have known, until now.

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I am The Red Pill Christian

Exposing the great deceptions on humanity & within Christian history & modern Christian church teachings.

I have discovered too many false teachings and doctrines coming from the pulpits of most churches today. Unfortunately the congregation has been taught these false doctrines for several generations and don't know what questions to ask or what information has been hidden from plain sight. Information the Bible is actually quite clear, if you know how to remove the lens of how churches have taught you to read the Bible and to study it correctly, you will see the truth so clearly! You can become a Red Pill Christian, just follow the link to start your journey today!

Why Become a Member Here?


Jason not only offers coaching services that you will see on this site but he also has a social side of the website that is secure to members only and provides true freedom of speech where members can interact and even share info with others! This is a great option to avoid the censorship on social media sites and build a community of like minded individuals to learn from Jason and to interact together as a community!

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My Story

I have been blessed to have experienced all that I have and survived to tell my story. I've traveled to 4 continents, lived in 5 countries (including the USA) and traveled to over 15 countries. I have studied & lived in regions of the world that follow different religions & practices and varying cultures a well as varying languages.

I have seen life begin and end, people struggle in their riches and others that find joys in their poverty. I have witnessed struggles of life all around the globe and they all seem to be similar in many ways.

I have studied religions and even believed in some. I have been awakened to the reality of this world and through my study & research have found that the core reasons for so much pain in this world is through faith, through the belief systems of people of religions and dogmas that coerce their religious "power" or "authority" to get their people to do what they wanted. 

Throughout my life I have come across individuals that helped me in my life come to a greater understanding of myself and the world we all live in, these people were vital to my own awakening and to my faith in Jesus. I consider it a responsibility to be that light in their darkness as they seek for such truth & light.

This is why I have taken the mission to help other become awakened to God's simple truths that give freedom liberally to each person who seeks it.

Coaching Programs

Jason offers several options for individuals seeking varying results. 

Jason's pre-recorded Trauma to Freedom Symposium is a cost effective path for healing trauma while selecting one on one coaching may be a better option for where you are & the results you seek. See the options below to begin your path to freedom.

Trauma Coaching

Self-paced or 1 on 1 program

Most will tell you that overcoming trauma can be a painful and difficult journey. I challenge that viewpoint as I present topic after topic and guide you through the phases to heal trauma and come out of it all as a better, renewed you!

Personal Trauma Coaching 1 on 1

Multiple Plans Available

Sometimes the healing journey needs concentrated effort and support. Jason offers private, online 1 on 1 coaching to aid you through this process with less pain & difficulty. Several options are available including cost effective bundles.

Awakening, Faith & Life Coaching 1 on 1

Multiple Plans Available

Life is difficult enough as it is, then throw on it stresses of career & family and you seek something better. Jason offers life coaching to work through these life struggles but also coach alongside your journey to awakening & faith. Several 1 on 1 online options are available.

Success Stories

Not only was Trauma to Freedom run professionally, but Jason's approach to such an intense, vulnerable topic was compassionate, confident, informative, and encouraging. He has a clear passion for equipping others to walk in freedom, and I was very impressed by his active listening, validation of the intense situations participants have experienced, and commitment to making himself available for guidance.

Amanda M.

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Lafayette, CO 80026

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